Last modified 30 January 2010

Just a short note to everyone: I know that photos are being downloaded, which is absolutely fine with me, and that info I put on here or any other related TTC sites makes its way through the web, which also is not a problem at all. But please be aware that you normally name the source of the info you spread. TTC is not a Take That News site; there are other Take That groups keeping you up to date with the daily stuff. TTC does have some kind of fun factor, but we also publish interesting facts/photos that normally are not common knowledge and that you do not find elsewhere. This very often requires some degree of research and we would therefore be grateful if you could name the source of the info you spread. This involves anything that can be found on the Take That City main site, the Take That Anywhere site (remember: readers send their photos in to make us smile, so please mention who the owner of the photo is), the Take That City youtube channel plus any Twitter updates.


Who are you?

I am a kind of fan I would say because I go to concerts and buy Take That's music (it's good!). I am interested in research, editing and photography and like to combine all three things together. There also is a Take That City Twitter profile and I would like to thank everyone for your messages, #followfriday's, RT and so on. I do read them all, but since I have become increasingly busy I sometimes miss to reply. However, I do reply to all Email and am always happy to hear from you.

Why did you start this blog?

There are many fansites and news blogs which I check out regularly. However, none of them features what I am and many of you are interested in besides the usual gossip. I know it is a bit of a balancing act but I try to not go too far. If there is anything in the blog that you find offending or think I should not report about please send me an Email.

How do you get all the information?

It is a combination of research and mental work. That may sound time consuming to you, but I can combine easily and things are not as difficult as it seems.

You are stalking them!

No one, and I mean no one, is being stalked in the slightest. Also, I do not follow any member of Take That anywhere (please look inside youself now) and leave everyone in peace. There really is no reason to be concerned.

You do not respect their privacy!

No worries, I do respect their privacy.

Can you please tell me where Take That live?

Unfortunately not. That would not be very clever as I do not know who you are and dont want to bring any of the boys, excuse me... men, into trouble. Some fans try to convince me by saying „I will not tell anyone else“. That may be true but I have decided that this information is a bit too private. Please do not approach me regarding addresses, hints etc.

I have prepared something for Take That. Can I send this to you and you pass it on to them?

I suppose you mean if I can send it to their homes. I do not feel comfortable doing this.

I am musician, not a fan. Can I send you my demo tape and you pass it on to Gary?

No. You may have tried this already but you should contact his management.

Why do you report about Robbie? I dont like him.

Sorry to upset you. I know he left Take That back in the 90s and everyone is just tired of the rumours about him rejoining. I cant just leave him out. Since he is not in London most of the time (I can’t quite get over that fact) I will not annoy you with too many entries about Robbie.

Your English sometimes reads a bit odd.

That is because English is not my first language.

Who is your favourite?

I dont really know.